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Charged Up: 7 Easy Ways to Conserve Your Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery

As well as being light and portable, laptops also have the added benefit of being able to be used without being connected to power. Whether you’re at a café, or sitting poolside sipping a piña colada, the way you use your laptop will depend how much life you get from its battery. Here at Battery Central we sell a range of batteries for all sorts of mobile devices, laptops included. In today’s article we share our tips to maximise your laptop’s battery so you can stay poolside all afternoon without plugging in.

1. Optimise your power options

Go to ‘Power Options’ in your computer’s control panel and select the option to set your computers battery performance to ‘maximum battery’ or something similar.

2. Dim your Screen

Most laptops should give you the option to dim the screen. If you are outdoors this might not be completely practical, but even slightly dimming a screen can make a noticeable difference in your laptop’s battery life.

3. Avoid Using Plug in Devices

USB flash drives, memory card readers and external WiFi use all chew battery life quickly. Charging your iPod through your laptop’s battery is pretty much robbing one device to benefit the other and will deplete your battery quicker than almost anything else. If you want your battery to go the distance, avoid using plug and play devices.

4. Close Any Programs Not in Use

This isn’t just clicking the ‘X” in the top right of your program’s window. To see a list of all running programs go to your computers task manager and close all programs not in use that are still running in the background by clicking ‘end process.’

5. Use Hibernate, not Standby

If you’re not using your laptop for a period of time, putting your laptop into hibernate will be almost as effective as using no power at all. Standby mode, which blackens the screen is still using some power so if you need to step away from your computer hibernate is the best option for conserving battery life.

6. Keep it Cool by the Pool

Avoid sitting with your laptop in full sun. To keep your laptop running efficiently (battery included) regular cleaning of the air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner with help keep your computer’s temperature down and keep your battery charged up for longer.

7. Use the Disk Defragmentation Option Regularly

This helps your hard drive to work more quickly and saves your laptop’s battery. The feature essentially cleans up the hard disk to help your system run faster.

There you have our top laptop battery saving tips from the team at Battery Central. If you’ve got any questions regarding laptop batteries get in touch with us and we can provide new batteries for most types of portable computers. If you’ve got battery questions, we’ve got the answers. Call us today 1300 008 299.

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