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It is always inconvenient when your car battery goes flat. This is why offer our supply, delivery and installation battery service in Brisbane and on the Gold Cost. There are no annual fees and no joining fees; our goal is to keep you on the go. Car batteries tend to go flat with no warning at all and this can be frustrating. There is no concrete set of rules for how long your car battery should last, but there are some basic guidelines.

How long is a new car battery supposed to last?

Under ‘normal’ conditions a new car battery has a life expectancy of about four years. However, defining ‘normal’ is a fairly tough ask.  Read on to find out what’s ‘normal’.

What defines ‘normal’ conditions for car battery use?

Okay normal can be given some perspective by the following points:
•    That the battery is not exposed to extreme temperatures, especially hot temperatures
•    That full cycle charges are completed
•    The charging system is consistent and reliable
•    The battery isn’t being used to charge accessories that draw power (eg Ipads and mp3 players)

So ‘normal’ is almost impossible with our modern lifestyles. We charge our accessories. We drive really short distances quite often, making it unlikely that a full cycle for charging is possible.  A car battery in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast is going to be exposed to very warm temperatures. There is not a lot we can do about these circumstances except offer you a great solution should your battery cause you a problem.

My battery is flat, can you help?

Yep, we sure can. Our mobile team has a wide range of batteries ready to go so we can get you back on the road in no time. It is free to join our service. We will come to you, replace your old battery and test the new one before you drive away.

Car batteries can be a little bit unpredictable, and when they do let you down, we will be right there to help. We are mobile, cost effective and always ready to help.

I have barely used my car battery, why is it flat?

Well it seems a bit unfair that your battery is brand new and no longer works. However, a car battery, even when not being used still discharges a small amount of power. This is because it is keeping the electrics in the car ‘alive’ and able to respond when you do use the car. Over time this gradual use of power will cause the battery life to end.

So there are many circumstances that can affect the life expectancy of a battery. It is difficult to predict when a battery will go flat, but we can almost guarantee that it will be at an extremely inconvenient time. The parametres of what is considered ‘normal’ use of a battery are tricky and therefore so is predicting the life span of your battery. This is why we offer our mobile service, to make sure that if your battery gives out, we are ready to help.  Give us a call in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast on : 1300 008 299

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