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Replacement or Spare Camera Batteries: We’ve got you covered

A missing rechargeable digital camera or camcorder battery does not need to render your device useless. Just come in to see up here at Battery Central with our huge range of digital camera batteries for the biggest names in the digital camera world including Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Pentax.

Planning a trip? We explain why using your camera wisely and considering having a backup makes smart sense when on the road.

A camera battery scenario:

Consider this: you’re about to head overseas for a holiday of a lifetime, upon dusting off your trusty digital camera, you discover the battery no longer works. Before your trip, you have the good sense to call into Battery Central and pick up a new battery and a spare while you are at it. You congratulate yourself for finding a good priced battery instead of having fork out unnecessary funds for a new digital camera since your current model digital still works like a dream.

If you are heading on a trip it’s a good idea to keep your battery charged at the end of each day, but there might be some instances where having a charged back up is a smart idea so you don’t miss any of the action. It can be a major disappointment to run out of battery power in an action packed day on the road in a place and moment that you won’t be returning to.  Having a backup battery means you won’t have to miss any of the memories.


•    Turn off the screen. This may not be available on all digital cameras, however using the viewfinder can be a good option for long days on the road since LCD screens are a power hungry feature.

•    Keep Batteries at room temp – This is important when using cameras in colder climates since keeping batteries in a pocket or bag can reduce exposure to the cold temperatures which drain battery life.

•    Only use features you need – avoid using flash, watching videos and other features when you need to extend the life of your battery. Avoid long exposures and video shots.

For more advice or details about whether we stock batteries for your digital devices including cameras call Battery Central direct today on 1300 008 299.

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