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Get More Life Out of a Car Battery

How to make your car battery last longer

Car batteries are not particularly cheap, but that said, with due care they will last for a long time (up to four years under normal conditions) and there are many things that you can do to make sure your next battery replacement is delayed for as long as possible. If you are due to replace your battery these tips will also ensure that you get the most out of your new car battery.

1.    Regular Maintenance – While many car batteries are listed as being maintenance free, this is not exactly the case. Electrolytes in all batteries will evaporate over time, faster in hot temperatures. Taking the cap seals off check the fluid levels in the individual battery cells. If the electrolyte level doesn’t reach the full line approx. three quarters of an inch below the cap seal  you can add distilled water until the level is full. This should be done about 2 times per month to avoid evaporation and extend the battery life.

2.    Keep it Clean – Over time your car battery is going to corrode at the terminal points. There is unfortunately no real way to stop this happening, however keeping the battery clean at these points will allow current from the battery to easily pass through the cables. Be sure to scrape any corrosion away with a screwdriver or hard edged instrument. Baking soda and a toothbrush also works well.

3.    Insulate your battery – Have you ever heard of a battery blanket? It’s not as ridiculous as you might think since it helps insulate your battery against extremes in cold and hot temperatures. Speaking of temperatures avoid parking in the full sun whenever possible during summer (obviously this is not always possible but something to keep in mind)

4.    Keep your car serviced regularly – Poor condition of your car’s engine will place unnecessary stress on the battery by causing overloading and reducing its life.

5.    Disconnect when not in use – If you are going on holiday or overseas (or just not using your car for 2 weeks or more) This prevents a gradual loss of charge which can shorten the life.

6.    Drive your car regularly – Driving your car regularly for 20 minutes or more at least twice a week will give the alternator enough time to completely recharge your battery. Too many short trips won’t let the battery fully charge and will actually reduce the life.

By following at least a few of these tips you can be sure that your car battery will last longer than in would have. Fewer batteries mean fewer replacement costs and less environmental impact so start getting the most from your car battery today.

For car battery replacement services in Brisbane who come to you call Battery Central on 1300 008 299. We offer a THREE YEAR WARRANTY on all our auto batteries.

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