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Maintain your marine batteries for a longer lifespan

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Summer on the water has been lots of fun but with winter approaching many boat owners will be retiring their watercraft for a few months as the weather gets cooler and days are shorter. This means the watercraft’s marine batteries will be out of action after receiving lots of use and charging over the summer. In today’s article, the battery specialists at Battery Central share some tips to store and maintain complex marine batteries when not in use.

Lead Acid Batteries – Deep Cycle and Engine Starting Batteries

Keeping batteries clean goes a long way in minimising corrosion and spillages especially in wet (flooded) battery types. Ways to keep a lead flooded acid batteries clean include:

• Wiping the battery casing with clean water and bicarbonate of soda to neutralise the acid
• Remove batteries from the vessel and store in cool, dry temperatures. Avoid any exposure to heat
• Check for corrosion around the cable connections. If you spot corrosion (a greenish colour) disconnect the cable terminals and clean with a brush before adding petroleum jelly around the connection points.

Keep batteries cool to prevent self discharging

Marine batteries are designed to keep their charge longer than other battery types, but if you are not using your vessel for an extensive period such as in wintertime, it’s a good idea to remove them from the vessel completely and store them in a cool but dry environment. Excess heat will accelerate discharging faster than if stored in cooler storage.

Recharge your battery when not in use

Older batteries lose their charge faster than newer batteries and generally will need to be charged once per month when not in use, whereas newer marine batteries can be charged once every 2 months. A battery charger that delivers 10-20 amps is sufficient in most cases. A hydrometer can provide a more accurate picture of the charge of a battery than a voltmeter.

If you have any questions about replacement marine batteries or how to charging them when not in use, please contact our Brisbane service centre on 1300 008 298 and Battery Central team can answer them for you today. When it comes to batteries we’re fully charged and ready to share our knowledge to assist our customers

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