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A micro super-powered battery breakthrough?


We can only hope this story is true. The potential for this new battery breakthrough is enormous, and it’s got the team who are batty about batteries here at Battery Central pretty excited! According to a recent article posted by the ever-venerable BBC, a US research team have developed a new battery with the potential to change the way consumers use their cars and electrical devices.

The team based at the University of Illinois in Chicago have stated that they have created a micro battery from the use of 3D electrodes that are significantly smaller than the ones currently used on the market. These electrodes have the potential to build similar sized batteries than those used today that are several times more powerful.

While still in development stages because of numerous safety concerns, the implications for these micro batteries that are ‘super powered’ are huge. This is especially the case for the use of smartphones where unfortunately battery technology has struggled to keep up with new features. In particular features which have drained battery life.

How the battery was created to gain ‘super powered’ strength

All batteries work by having electrodes interacting together, which then causes a chemical reaction. To put it simply the breakthrough for these researchers involved finding a way for two electrodes to interact more effectively, which means a smaller distance the anode and cathode electrons interact – making a higher density battery with higher powered potential.

The challenges of making this battery include finding a way to simplify the route travelled and addressing safety concerns including problems with self combustion.

As lovers of all things battery related and always looking to adopt the latest technologies in battery technology here at Battery Central, we eagerly anticipate the day where these micro batteries with intense power will be the norm. One day we’ll look back at our current options and wonder how we coped and functioned with the current options we use today. Similar to how the days before mobile phones seem so long ago now.

In the meantime for all the latest in battery technology for your most loved devices Battery Central is the name to remember in Brisbane. We’ve got the technical expertise to find the best possible battery solution for all your devices, vehicles and watercraft included. Phone us on 1300 008 299 today.

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