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Flat Car Battery in Brisbane? We’re energised and fully charged

car battery

When your car’s battery is flat, your vehicle won’t be going anywhere and neither will you. If you’ve got somewhere you need to be, this is not only frustrating, but also extremely stressful. Since you can never be sure when you could face a flat battery, our mobile technicians are available 24/7 in Brisbane or the Gold Coast to get you back on the road again as quickly as possible. At Battery Central, we stock a huge range of cheap car batteries for all types of vehicles and can come to you in your hour of need.

What you need to know about our battery service

These are the reasons why our car battery service is designed to work for you.

  • We’ll install and disconnect your old battery
  • You won’t buy the wrong battery, we supply batteries for all makes and models
  • No annual fees, no hidden charges just fully charged quality batteries
  • Car batteries tested on-site
  • We offer a pricing guarantee and are 10 per cent cheaper by our competitors

You’ll only pay when you need our help, not when you don’t

Forget having to pay annual services for the peace of mind of having assistance. Battery Central offers a one off service so you’ll only pay for the assistance in your hour of need, not the other 99 per cent of the time when your battery is in good working order, and everything is business as usual.

But wait. We also give cash back. Here’s how:
Got old batteries lying around? Bring them to us, or have us collect them. We’ll offer you cash and take them off your hands. How good is that!

When it comes to batteries, we’re the central ‘go-to’ source in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and if you can’t go to us, we come to you. We’re energised and fully charged to answer all your battery questions, so call us today. 1300 008 299.



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