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Fantastic Golf Cart Specials

6v 225 AMP GEL BATTERIES per SET of 6 $ 1175.00 inc *

TROJAN made in USA
6v GOLF CART T105 BATTERIES $1090.00 inc per SET*
8vGOLF CART T875 BATTERIES $1145.00 inc per SET*
12v GOLF CART T1275 BATTERIES $1160.00 inc per SET*

Supreme made in USA
6v GOLF CART CR225 BATTERIES $995 inc per SET*
8v GOLF CART CR165 BATTERIES $1050 inc per SET*
12v GOLF CART CR155 BATTERIES $1040 inc per SET*

* Includes Fitment

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Replacement or Spare Camera Batteries: We’ve got you covered

A missing rechargeable digital camera or camcorder battery does not need to render your device useless. Just come in to see up here at Battery Central with our huge range of digital camera batteries for the biggest names in the digital camera world including Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Pentax.

Planning a trip? We explain why using your camera wisely and considering having a backup makes smart sense when on the road. Continue reading

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Get More Life Out of a Car Battery

How to make your car battery last longer

Car batteries are not particularly cheap, but that said, with due care they will last for a long time (up to four years under normal conditions) and there are many things that you can do to make sure your next battery replacement is delayed for as long as possible. If you are due to replace your battery these tips will also ensure that you get the most out of your new car battery. Continue reading

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Are household batteries dangerous?

Duracell, Energizer and the big names in the world of disposable batteries have some very pointed advice when it comes to using their batteries, including a list of precautions and safety advice. It’s enough to make you question the general safety of using alkaline batteries especially for parents who may be concerned about their kids using battery operated toys and games.

So to answer the title of this post – are household batteries dangerous?  The answer is no – if they are used correctly. But how can you make sure you’re using them correctly to avoid any potential hazards? As the Brisbane battery specialists, we give some pointed advice of our own in this post – not to alarm battery users, but to use them effectively and mitigate any risk. Continue reading

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A micro super-powered battery breakthrough?


We can only hope this story is true. The potential for this new battery breakthrough is enormous, and it’s got the team who are batty about batteries here at Battery Central pretty excited! According to a recent article posted by the ever-venerable BBC, a US research team have developed a new battery with the potential to change the way consumers use their cars and electrical devices. Continue reading

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Maintain your marine batteries for a longer lifespan

boat engine

Summer on the water has been lots of fun but with winter approaching many boat owners will be retiring their watercraft for a few months as the weather gets cooler and days are shorter. This means the watercraft’s marine batteries will be out of action after receiving lots of use and charging over the summer. In today’s article, the battery specialists at Battery Central share some tips to store and maintain complex marine batteries when not in use. Continue reading

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Flat Car Battery in Brisbane? We’re energised and fully charged

car battery

When your car’s battery is flat, your vehicle won’t be going anywhere and neither will you. If you’ve got somewhere you need to be, this is not only frustrating, but also extremely stressful. Since you can never be sure when you could face a flat battery, our mobile technicians are available 24/7 in Brisbane or the Gold Coast to get you back on the road again as quickly as possible. At Battery Central, we stock a huge range of cheap car batteries for all types of vehicles and can come to you in your hour of need.
Continue reading

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Charged Up: 7 Easy Ways to Conserve Your Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery

As well as being light and portable, laptops also have the added benefit of being able to be used without being connected to power. Whether you’re at a café, or sitting poolside sipping a piña colada, the way you use your laptop will depend how much life you get from its battery. Here at Battery Central we sell a range of batteries for all sorts of mobile devices, laptops included. In today’s article we share our tips to maximise your laptop’s battery so you can stay poolside all afternoon without plugging in. Continue reading

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Battery solutions for everyone







It is always inconvenient when your car battery goes flat. This is why offer our supply, delivery and installation battery service in Brisbane and on the Gold Cost. There are no annual fees and no joining fees; our goal is to keep you on the go. Car batteries tend to go flat with no warning at all and this can be frustrating. There is no concrete set of rules for how long your car battery should last, but there are some basic guidelines. Continue reading

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Looking into the future: Battery Development News

Here at Battery Central in Brisbane, we have always taken pride in our ability to accurately and enthusiastically track many of the developments in the world of batteries. It is this keen interest in the area that allows us to stay at the top of our game, and to provide our customers with the best possible customer service. In today’s blog post, we will continue this trend by discussing some of the latest breakthroughs that can be seen on the horizon, and discuss the impacts that they will have on your life if/when they are released. Continue reading

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